About Michelle​​

Michelle is an awarded lifestyle photographer from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She offers  relaxed, enjoyable, high quality and competitively priced photographic services in the areas between Hervey Bay and Brisbane.​​ Highly recommended by her customers and peers alike, she is fully insured, holds a Blue Card and is immunised against Whooping Cough (Pertussis).


Photographs are windows on moments otherwise forever passed.​​

They are not just 'pictures', but page markers in the extraordinary journey that is your life.

You matter, your existence is valuable.

Capturing special moments is important, but it is far more important to be mindful and present, and value them while they happen.

Love deeply and honestly.

Work hard, and enjoy the spoils of your labor.

Laugh, cry, dance, sing.

Sit, and find it in your heart to recognize the wonder and magnificence of the place and people that you call 'Home'.

If you would like your most precious moments photographed beautifully and with heart, call me.
In any case, have a great day :)